How to Look Fabulous in a Vintage Style Dress

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How to Wear a Vintage Dress

You might like the looks from the past of fashion better than the present. Or you might just want to try out one of those looks for a night. Regardless of your intention or daily fashion choices, you can look great in a vintage style dress. Here’s how to wear a vintage dress and look fabulous in it:

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Modern Ways to Wear Vintage Dresses

When you choose the dress, think about practicalities. Are you going to be eating that evening? Then maybe a bright white ensemble might not be the best choice. How about if there are activities in the night? Then make sure you can move and that the dress is not expensive if something spills on it. 

Buying vintage means a bit of a commitment. Consider renting a dress if you don’t ever foresee yourself wearing it again. Then you will have a lot more leeway with the type of outfit you choose. You can go all out and choose a very glamorous outfit. Not every consignment store allows dress rental, but some do prefer it. Then they can have the dress back in a week and on the line to sell again.

Match your vintage dress with the perfect vintage accessories. The dress is important, but so are all the items that make it look like a piece from a special era. If you are going 40’s, then find a cigarette wand. Also, add a head band of a sequined object to one’s hair. Style the hair as one would do in that decade.

As with all clothes and apparel, make sure it fits right. If you have an hourglass figure, choose a dress that hugs your curves in all the right places. If you are a bigger girl, then try to find a style of dress that is flattering as well. Dresses with big skirts are always fun.

A vintage look can be a real show stopper if one plans right for the occasion and selects the dress with care.

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