Guide to Wearing a lace dress

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Lace, such a delicate, classy as well as a beloved fabric. One may see a beautiful lace dress, and find it perfect and just right for a planned occasion, or even a simple day where you want to dress up. There are lists of various elegant and unique dress designs; all including the classical detailing of lace.

But as it is stated with the large quantity of other dress styles as well as dress materials, there are certain unstated rules to wearing as well as perfecting a lace dress, and a lot of fashionable ideals that should accompany the dress, such as shoes, jewelry, and even certain clutch bags. As well as a specific choice of makeup as well as hair styles.

As an easy beginning and suggestion of tips, I will start with what seems to be an easy choice and option. You may even think or suggest, that this is an easy selection and choice. However, you must remember the actual reason why you are choosing such a classy, elegant, and detailed dress. Length is also a key feature here. So for now, I’ll start with a simple event, a wedding. Let’s say you have looked through tons of dresses and you finally find the right one; and it includes lace.

Finding a pair of shoes to match the length of this dress is seemingly very important, obviously if you’re going for a classic look with a black lace patterned dress for example, go for a matching pair of pumps. Whether they would be open toe, or just simple black pumps, you really shouldn’t change up the color or try to mix something with a dark lace dress. This especially goes for when the dress is knee length.

So, maybe you aren’t feeling the classic solid color of black, and would rather go for a colorful more light-hearted as well as occasion friendly dress. It’s important to differentiate between casual and eventful, so if you are thinking about casually wearing a lace dress on just any other weekday, whether it be around town, work, or even school, make it short, sweet, and simple, and may even incorporate different sleeve styles into said dress; such as the ever growing and popular trend of the bell sleeve. If it is an eventful and special occasion lace dress that happens to be in white,lavender, blush, or any other light colors, white pumps or white sandal heels are the perfect footwear.

When it comes to jewelry, color, tone, and extravagance should be thought about, especially when selecting the right accessories to pair with a lace dress. To me, a knee length occasional lace dress should be paired with simple silver and or diamond stud earrings, and a casual more shorter, lace dress should really be paired with no jewelery, seeing as you might want to draw more attention to the dress itself.

Last but not least, deciding on a unique hair style to be paired with an elegant dress is just as important. Personally, I think a simple updo will go fine with a lighter colored and shorter lace dress. One the other hand however, long or even mid-length elegant curls will do justice and work for a black or navy blue lace dress that is knee length, whether it be shorter or longer.

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