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How to Wear a Sweater Dress

We’ve officially been launched into another season of fall, where new and surprising trends kick in and go. As winter approaches, other trends appropriate to the weather are about to arrive. Here’s how to wear a sweater dress:

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One Such Trend Is The, Sweater Dress.

What is it? Why should you be wearing it? And what can you do to make it more interesting? This article will go over all those points and so much more!

What Is A Sweater Dress?

You may be wondering, what is a sweater dress? Is it someone, who is wearing a sweater as a dress? As funny as that may sound or look, not quite.

A sweater dress is a rather simple concept. It’s a knitted dress that usually falls knee length. There are variations, however, and modifications people make to spice up the look during the cold winter season.

Why A Sweater Dress?

The sweater dress has a few benefits to wearing it out. While it’s more suited for the Winter season, you can wear it during Autumn or even Spring. A sweater dress is practical for things like functions when the weather is expected to be chilly. It’s fun. The designs are not as ordinary as your typical winter or traditional dress. Not to mention, you can do a lot of easy add-ons to make your sweater dress much more alluring.

How To Make Your Sweater Dress More Visibly Appealing

While you will find most sweater dresses falling to the knees, it’s not out of the question to find sweat dresses that are sleeveless or even to the ankles. Some hug the thigh region to make for a more erotic occasion.

There are few ideas you can find all over the web (mainly Pinterest) that will help elevate your look while wearing the knitted dress.

A Belt

As standard as it may seem, adding a belt to a sweater dress gives you a much more vibrating appeal. It creates shape and defines form. Sometimes the sweater dress can be dreary in style, but when you add the belt, two standard items become a sensational look.


Add a scarf or even rock a turtleneck to give your dress a little more flare for the convention or your winter date. A lot of women have been combining the two, while wearing a purse along with their sleeveless sweater dress.

Knee High Boots:

If you are wearing a knee length sweater dress, then adding knee high boots presents a more sexier dynamic into the fold. Try matching the dress with the boot color. You can also add leggings or tights that are a solid darker shade for the complete look.

Recommended: Taylor Metallic Sheath Sweater Knit Dress

It isn’t uncommon to see certain brands and lines cost well over a few hundred dollars. With this dress, you won’t break the bank, but you may break some necks.

It comes in four sizes, and you can purchase it at places like Nordstroms. It’s the complete definition of what a sweater dress should look like. It comes in a blue silver color with a scoop neck, and the metallic styling is designed throughout the dress providing a more provoking and playful look.

This dress will run true to size, and is 78 percent Rayon and 19 percent Polyester. It’s soft, it’ll make the cats purr and men pick up their eyeballs once they see you strut your elegance with it on.

Add: Try black trousers and ankle boots to give it a complete feel and look.

The Final Say

Winter is coming, and a look that has been catching on for quite some time in the Northeast of the United States, moving across the likes of New York City and Chicago, is sure to permeate along the whole continent with this trend.

What better way to feel comfortable, sexy, and to keep warm than to show yourself off this Winter in a trendy sweater dress.

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