Finding The Perfect Casual Dress

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Casual Dress Design

Women’s casual dresses are ideal for a number of occasions, from a date to a relaxed evening out with friends.

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Things to consider for your casual dress design

Body shape tall, slimmer women will benefit from A-line fit casual dresses, as the cut will add an illusion of extra curves to the body. Casual dresses with a fuller skirt will be perfect for you to enhance your waistline. If you are petite or shorter in height avoid casual dresses with too full a skirt area, this can make you look shorter or more compact.

Slim fitting shift dresses

Slim fitting shift dresses that fit closely to your curves can help to show off your fantastic petite figure. If you have the perfect hourglass shape with even proportions to your figure you’re in luck! Either style will flatter your figure. An A-line style casual dress will enhance your curvy waist, a close fitting shift dress will have the same illusion to show off your best bits.


The color you select for your casual dress will depend on your personal preferences. However brighter colors such as red for example can be considered as less casual, however, ideal for special occasions. Every day colors which are suitable for work wear can be teamed up with accessories to create a relaxed casual style that is less ‘work wear’ suited. Try black, gray, blues or different shades of neutral skin tone colors.


Floral patters are very feminine and will flatter all figures, bold abstract shapes are great for slimmer women who wish to add curves. Curvy should avoid stripes which can widen the body.

When deciding on a casual dress that is perfect for your body shape and preference, remember that dresses with slits or cut out sections are more suited to special occasion evening wear. For casual wear keep your dress simple.


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