How to find the right size in a Women’s clothing

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What Size Am I? How to Find Your Dress Size!

Finding the right size of women’s clothing can be especially hard for women because one size is never the same at every store. Depending on what scale the store has set their sizes to, you could be a size 8 jeans at Old Navy and a size 6 at Macy’s. When shopping, it is always important to know your body whether its knowing your measurements, knowing which fabric works best for your shape, and/or what you feel best in. Here’s a small guide on how to find your dress size!

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As you measure your body, here are some important parts to remember:

If you’re looking for hats to wear, measure the circumference of your head. Typically hats are a one size fits all, but it never hurts to keep this number in mind when choosing accessories to put on your head. Sleeves on the other hand are a more crucial size to get right. Measure your upper arms to make sure you don’t get a shirt or blouse with sleeves that are too long or too short. Another significant measurement for women is the size of your bust.

Measuring the widest or fullest part of your chest is important so that the shirt or dress can fit over your chest and won’t suffocate you as you wear it. Finding your natural waistline is as important as your chest measurement. The natural waistline and hip numbers are necessary for finding pants, dresses or skirts that will fit comfortably on you. You may also measure your neck, but that measurement is usually only needed for men’s clothing and not women’s clothing.

For men and women, the inseam is a measurement you should not get incorrect. The inseam is the distance from your groin to the bottom of your ankle, and is use to determine which size of pants you should wear. Many stores will convert these numbers onto a scale to make it easier than remembering exact inch sizes. Always ask a store representative if you are having a difficult time converting your size to their chart.

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