How to Fashionably Wear Leggings

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Leggings are no longer a fashion accessory from the 1980’s they have made a comeback, and appear to be here to stay. Leggings can be worn in a number of ways to personalize your style, and add a unique look. Leggings can also be purchased in an array of wonderful colors, not just everyday black or gray. Look for leggings with unique patters, textures and colors.

Under jumpers: during the cooler months leggings can make an excellent fashion statement, when worn under a thick jumper that has a good amount of length reaching the upper or mid-thigh area. You could wear a pair of leggings that match your jumper or contrast against it for a bold look.

Under dresses revamp your dresses you would normally wear in the warmer months with a pair of leggings underneath. Not only will you save money on your winter clothing by accessorizing summer dresses with leggings, you will have a brand new outfit created from an existing one. With this look you could match your leggings to your dress also, or look for bolder colors which complement the color of your dress.

Under a pair of shorts as with dresses if you wear a pair of leggings under your shorts you will save money on clothing for cooler weather, and add style to your overall look. If you team a pair of patterned leggings under denim shorts you will be sure to make bold fashion statement.

Leggings can also be teamed up with different shoe wear to create a look that is versatile. Wear your leggings with a pair of chunky ankle boots, or boots that reach your knees for a more casual day to day look. For a special occasion or night out wear a pair of sexy high heels. You could match your leggings to the color of your high heels also for added style.

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