Fashion tips for wearing a long sleeved dress at work…and beyond!

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With winter just around the corner, it’s time to pull out the long sleeves. One long sleeved option that may be overlooked is the long sleeved dress. Yes, ladies, you can continue to wear a dress during the colder weather! There are many long sleeved dress options available to choose from.Let’s discuss the style of the long sleeve.

You could choose a full length or three quarter length sleeve, form fitting or loose fitting sleeve, or even a wispy slit sleeve for added flair. If you don’t have a long sleeved dress already in your wardrobe, there is a simple fix. Add a long sleeved tee-shirt under your short or no sleeved dress, and voila, you have a long sleeved dress!

Whatever you choose, don’t forget to accessorize! This is the fun part; wear a nice belt, or a scarf (either around the waist or neck), or a shawl. Also, let’s not forget the option of leggings, instead of nylons, under the dress for added warmth and personality. Choose from a plain sleek legging, apair that has some texture added, or a funky patterned legging to highlight your own unique fashion sense. Top off the look with a pair of cute boots. High boots, low boots, flats or heels, whichever type you prefer.

Finally, consider the option of adding a pair of boot socks, cuffs, or toppers. These little gems help to highlight your boots and give that last little detail that will show the world that you are a fashionista! Rather than being a sharp dressed “man”, you’ll be a sharp dressed “woman”!

With these simple, little tips, you’ll be guaranteed to add that fashion forward look that will help yougo from work to play in a jiffy. Whether you choose one or all of these tips, you will be ready to face work, play, and the cold weather in style!


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