Choosing a Dress With Ease That Will Flatter Any Figure

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How to Choose the Best Dress for Your Body Type

Choosing the perfect dress, it may seem easy, and it may seem to even require no thought. You may think and consider choosing the best fitting color, best event oriented dress, as well as the perfect matching accessories. But when it comes to your dress size and fitting, it seems simple right, you already know your dress size, and nothing could typically go wrong, and you may be thinking that the dress will be perfect.

But when it comes to fitting and the main different body types, that’s were things may start to become confusing, or even frustrating. But truly, finding out what your body type is very essential as well as helpful for the perfect fitting dress that will help you look your best! Here’s a small guide on how to choose the best dress for your body type!

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Knowing Your Body Shape

As I previously stated, knowing your body shape is essential and beneficial to finding the perfect fitting dress. So, it’s only logical that finding out your body type should be the first step. No matter you weight or size however, these dress fitting rules will apply. To simplify and ease the process of finding your body type, you should probably apply your measurements and hip width in comparison with the main and generalized body types.

Pear Shape

The classic pear shape, similar to the hourglass shape, but to fit into this category you will probably include wider hips and you tend to store your greatest amount of weight on your lower body. This seems to be a common body shape among women, with 20 percent of the population fitting into this category. Choosing a dress for this shape may appear to be simple and easy, it may feel that most if not all dress types would be plentiful for your figure.

For evening wear however, mermaid dresses and bottom fitted dresses in general seem to be an issue, it would be best to avoid these dresses mostly because they can make your body look uneven, or just unbalanced as well as odd. A feature contradictory to that however is your usually slimmer upper waist line, so in general, a small waist. In return, you might what to emphasize this advantageous feature, so choosing an empire waist gown or a bit of a loose fitting casual dress would not be the best choice. A line dresses are also the most prominent and best fitting dress for this body shape

Apple Shape

Next, we have the apple shape. A bit of an uncommon shape for women, with this shape including narrow hips and more fast stored in your upper body. Consider Kate Upton, or maybe Oprah Winfrey as well. An empire waist gown is the perfect and ideal fit. Being lose and flowy around your waist creates a perfect allusion, and you would even be able to draw attention to your cleavage as your best feature.

Now, that’s not to say that apple shaped women can’t really wear and look their best in body con dresses, but it should be essential to note that your body should look even and balanced, and you shouldn’t really draw too much attention to your waist line. Ball gowns are also a key choice if you decide to look more elegant as well as high lighting your upper body.

Hourglass Shape

Now, the hourglass,the most rare and seemingly perfect body shape. 36-24-36 seems to be the perfect hourglass measurement example, a small wait and equal bust and hips. Being blessed with these seemingly perfect and ideal body shape, fitting and finding the perfect dress may seem easy. The tight body con dresses will seem to work perfectly, as long as they are the correct and perfect size, or even one size bigger, your figure will appear amazing.

Rectangle Body Shape

Another basic but however slim body type that seems easy to dress, we have the rectangle body shape, also known as the ruler body shape. If you fit into this category, you are usually very slim with narrow hips, and your measurements are all equal to each other. Really, unlike the hourglass, most dresses will make this body look appealing with ease. Body con dresses however, shouldn’t really try to emphasize any curves as they may make you look unappealingly slim.

Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Finally, we have the inverted triangle body shape. Another rare body type for women, the inverted triangle includes broad shoulders, narrow hips, but that doesn’t mean women with this body shape include little to no curves.

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