How To Choose A Pair Of Women’s Comfortable Jeans

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Best Fitting Jeans for Women

Women’s jeans is a classic staple piece of fashion wear, that every woman should have in her wardrobe. They can be dressed up or worn casual, which makes them a very versatile item of clothing. That said the variety is huge! There are different styles and colors to flatter all shapes and sizes. Here’s how to choose the best fitting jeans for women:

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Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans a close fitting style with a very slim fit. This style is designed to hug a woman’s figure. They are made with stretchy fabric, to allow for movement over the curves of the body. These jeans are ideal for any figure shape as the material will stretch like a ‘second skin.’ They are very flattering for taller, slimmer women.

Straight Legged Jeans

Straight legged jeans designed with a straight cut to the legs however, not as close fitting as skinny jeans. These jeans do not fit like a ‘second skin.’ They will hug the behind area and widen along the leg. Ideal for women who are more conscious of their figure, or who are not seeking a figure hugging look. The straight leg will help to slim the leg area, without drawing attention to it with close fit.

Boyfriend Fit Jeans

Boyfriend fit jeans a loose and casual fit style of jeans. They sit neatly on the waist, but do not hug the behind or leg area creating a casual relaxed style of dress. Ideal for all figure shapes.

Dark denim

A perfect color choice for curvy women, who wish to flatter their natural curves. Dark denim is very slimming and will create an illusion of a more trim figure.

Stonewash / Light Denim

Stonewash/ light denim perfect for all shapes and sizes, however lighter denim will not have the same slimming illusion as dark denim. It will however, flatter women who are slim or short.

Top tips for choosing a pair of women’s jeans are to think about the fit you would like, how figure hugging would you like your jeans? Remember that skinny jeans are the most figure hugging and stretchy. Secondly, consider if you would like to slim down your figure, or flatter your natural curves? If so opt for darker denim.

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